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This space is now officially dormant. But you can find me here:

To those of you who have been following my journey here and wish to continue to do so, come follow me on my Photography blog, where I’ve decided to incorporate a more personal series called The Mama Journal to share thoughts and photos from our daily life. You’ll also get a peek at my client sessions and articles about the behind-the-scenes world of running a photography business. See you there!


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be back soon.

This blog has been dormant for over a month, and it hasn’t exactly been an accident.

I’m in the process of figuring out exactly where I’m going with this space, what I want to continue doing, stop doing, start doing.

Writing has always been my most fulfilling outlet in terms of processing and reflecting on life. I love this space, and I want to keep it alive (though I’ve come close to deleting it a few times in the past month). But I need to figure a few things out before I carry on with it.

I’ve really come to realize that while I write for myself, people do read my posts, and react to them. This is obvious, I know. But it’s really started to sink in. Regardless of who you are, there are always going to be people who interpret happy, thankful posts as bragging, or as an attempt to portray an artificially perfect life. There are always going to be people who interpret honest reflections as complaining, and who equate passionate feelings with direct judgement towards anyone who may not share them. I am coming to terms with this. I cannot please everyone with this blog, and if i’m honest, I really don’t try to please anyone. But still, I try to be sensitive about what my posts convey. And always honest.

This is a space where I come to reflect on my journey as a woman, a mother, a wife, an artist… and I welcome anyone who wants to share that journey with me. In fact, I’m quite humbled by the amount of people who take time from their busy lives to keep up with mine, and who even email me to tell me how much they enjoy my writing. But I am not that blogger who does giveaways and blog parties and special features to attract and please readers. It’s just not me. I write what I feel, I write what I’m living. I write to reflect on the beauty in life’s simplicities and to remind myself of everything I have to be thankful for. I write to work through the painful moments. I write to document my life, what I’m excited about, and to one day share this record of our journey with our children. My writing would be the same if I had 10 000 loyal “followers”, and it would be the same if I had none.

With that said, I need to figure out how I want to continue documenting my journey here, keeping in mind how much time I have to dedicate to this space, why I write in the first place, what I’m willing to share with a world that is quick to make assumptions and judgements, what my limits are and what my family’s limits are.

For those of you who check back often in search of an update – we are well. I am thoroughly enjoying my time at home with my girl, working hard on my photography business, and soaking up every moment of the free time that we get to spend as a family. I am forever amazed at the beauty of family. Our little girl is growing up and she is such a gift. I’ve been doing much thinking and growing in the past little bit, and I’ve had a few “aha!” moments in my life that have really propelled me to live with a new sense of purpose, freedom and joy.

I’ll be back soon – promise. :)

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Dear Neve – 12 months

Dear Neve,

Two days ago was your first birthday. 12 beautiful months.

There is so much in my head and in my heart that I want to write, but somehow I’m struggling to express just how amazed, thankful and blessed I feel as I look back on the last year with you. 

You made my deepest hopes, my wildest dreams come true. You made me a maman. 

You are wonderful. Full of life. Full of spunk. You have the best smile, the sweetest laugh, and the silliest sense of humour. You chatter all day long in your adorable babble-language and tell us exactly what you want with the handful of signs you’ve mastered.

If we ask you to point out Lexi or your “ballon” or your “bebe”, you know exactly what we’re talking about. You can stand on your own, no hands, but only on your terms. You like to walk with assistance, but have not ventured out by yourself just yet.

You still love playing fetch with Lexi. The two of you are great friends, and I can leave a room for a quick second knowing that you’ll be just fine together. You love swimming in Grandmaman and Grandpapa’s big pool and you especially love it when Grandpapa sneaks you a taste of ice cream.

You love knocking over the giant towers we build for you., and when the music comes on, you quickly make your way to the iPod player, grab onto the kitchen shelf and dance your little heart out.

You are a little monkey baby, and you are forever climbing on us, on the furniture, on anything you can get your hands on. You crawl at the speed of light and love to roam around the entire house, all three floors included, at your leisure.

You are a treasure, and we delight in all the little adorable things you do. Your smile alone is enough to send us into a clapping, cooing, picture-snapping frenzy. We are crazy about you.

We celebrated your first year of life by throwing you a garden pool party with all your little friends. Grandmaman and Grandpapa came too, along with your oncle Seb (who is so, so in love with his little Neve!) who manned to bubble blowing station and added a little extra touch of whimsy to your party. You ate your cupcake and unwrapped your gifts like a big girl. We looked back at all of your monthly photos and were blown away by how much you’ve changed!


You’ve grown up so quickly, but you’re still our baby girl. You still fit in our arms so perfectly, and when you rest your tired little head on our shoulder or give us a kiss, your papa and I just about melt into a puddle of love.

We are so blessed by your life, sweet girl, and we can’t wait to watch you grow up a little more each day.

Bonne fete, ma belle.

Love always,

Maman xoxo

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summer stuff (picture heavy)

Neve is at such a fun age right now, and she is just loving Summer. From backyard play to kiddie pool splashing to digging in the sand, it’s been a lovely few weeks around these parts. We’re soaking up the sun and trying to make the most of every day. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing and surreal it is to watch my girl experience all of these sweet Summer moments for the very first time. Here’s to more sun, sand and splashing in the weeks to come!

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Beach Day

We’ve been soaking up the sun and enjoying water, sand, grass and dirt around these parts, along with our fair share of air conditioned play dates! (it’s all about balance, right?)

We recently took “the girls” to the beach for the first time. David took a day off and we went on a random weekday morning, which meant we were practically the only ones there.

Lexi loved digging in the sand and getting into the lake a bit (though not too much… baby steps. I think we have the only lab that’s nervous around water).

Neve loved every minute. She started giggling as we walked in the sand looking for our spot. She instinctively knew what to do with her sand toys and got right into digging and filling her bucket with sticks, rocks and shells.

When I took her into the water, she just aboutt lost her mind with excitement. We sat on the shore and let the waves roll over our legs. We dug in the mud and splashed in the water. I did take her out deeper in the lake, and a few quick dips was all she could handle before her giggles turned to whimpers.

The water was pretty cold, so we went back to hanging out in the sand a bit before unpacking our picnic and enjoying a little lunch.

I couldn’t help but feel incredibly blessed and just plain happy as I held my sun soaked girl and tickled her sandy toes. It is so special to experience all of my favourite things with her, it makes everything new and extra lovely. More work? Yes. But more work = more memories.

It was a perfect day.

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Papa’s Day

This Father’s Day weekend- David’s first – involved baking favourite pies, special notes of thanks from me, Neve and Lexi hidden around the house, a special gift, a family dinner and swim, a phone call with my grandpapa and time spent with friends who also celebrated their first father’s day. It was busy, but it was lovely.

I am so thankful that Neve has such a loving, affectionate, playful and hardworking papa who makes it a priority to sit on the ground on play with her and shower her with hugs and kisses every. single. day. Life is busy, and it would be so easy and almost justifiable for him to come home after a hard day, sit on the couch and request some down time. But instead he squeezes in as much time with his girls (because Lexi still gets a playtime and walk from her papa every day) as he can, from play time to story time to dinner and bed time.

A loving, affectionate dad is not something to be taken for granted,  and I thank God every day that Neve is blessed with so much love in her life.

I was also blessed with an amazing dad who taught me the value of hard work, honesty, generosity and laughter. I have fond memories of riding on his back after bathtime and helping him garden or set up the Christmas decorations. Today I am blessed to still live close by and to be able to chat with him over a pot of tea, discuss photography and gardening and food and life. 

Thanks dad for always making the time to give me a last minute recipe or directions over the phone, for the times you’ve spontaneously showed up with Starbucks in the middle of the day, for always working so hard to make sure we had everything we needed, for always injecting laughter in our lives and for teaching us the value of helping others.

Thank you for being such a loving grandpapa to Neve, for playing with her, for letting her sneak a taste of your ice cream or chocolate (because that’s what grandpapas are for) and for showering her with so much love and attention.

This Father’s day, Neve and I were tied in first place. We both are blessed with the best dad ever.

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say what?!

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